Sunday, December 8, 2019

2019 Monster Drawing Rally!

It's been a long while since I posted here, but that's mainly because I've been extremely busy channeling my artistic energies on other non-Splotch Monster-related projects. That said, I've always intended to get back at it again, with the Splotch Monster-making, and I had a nice taste of that over the weekend, while working on a little something for northern Virginia's third consecutive Monster Drawing Rally, to raise some money for the Greater Reston Arts Center. This is my third year in a row participating, and this time it was a little different, since the location had been moved from the GRACE gallery space, to a few blocks down at the Signature apartments location. It was an excellent location, and I love how the apartment lobbies and public spaces are brimming with some spectacular original art. They even have a fantastic gallery space. As with previous years, the rally had been broken up into three artist categories based on region - DC, MD, and VA. I was with the Virginia artist set, who came on last. Thankfully my wife, Kris was able to make this one, this being her first MDR event attended, and she was able to get a few photos while I was busy drawing a Splotch Monster party. It's always amazing just how fast that hour-long time-slot whizzes on by, and it's always a bit of a rush trying to work ten times faster than you normally do and still produce something substantial. Local DJ Honest Lee was there spinning a fun variety of tunes, from funk to dub, metal to electronica, it was a great mix. Hearing Aphex Twin's "Flim" and a track by Aleutian Arc, whose CD I did the cover art for, was a bonus. I was so glad to be asked back to the event for a third year in a row, and as long as they keep doing this, I'll keep showing up. It was good to get splotching again and I look forward to getting back to it more in the new year!