Sunday, December 9, 2018

Splotch Monster kaiju: Ultraman (completed version)

Here's the completed version of the Splotch Monster versus Ultraman drawing. It is very much inspired by the one I made at the Monster Drawing Rally a couple of weeks ago at the Greater Reston Arts Center. I made sure to scan the unfinished version (posted earlier) so I could go back and print it out and work on this on my own time, and I like it a lot more than the original, since I decided to do some things differently than on the first attempt. This is also a one-off embellished giclee print, made for a fan who wanted the original drawing that I had already committed to the rally. This is definitely the next best thing, and it turned out better than the real thing, I think (and it was somewhat more affordable). I might make regular giclee prints of this in the future, perhaps.