Saturday, September 1, 2018

9/1/2018 Splotch Monster

I took about a month off from my daily Splotch Monster routine, to focus on getting back to school, with all that that entails. I had almost made it to a whole year straight without missing a daily Splotch, but other priorities and more pressing matters presented themselves. Sometimes a break from something can be reenergizing, though, so I'll be back to it during the month of September, and will continue through until the end of November. In December, I'll be prepping for art fairs and holiday-related sales, and as of January, I'll be preparing for an upcoming solo Splotch Monster art exhibit in April, 2019. These next three months have different themes, as with some months previously this year, all of which I already have planned out. To kick off September, I'm going to be doing Splotch Monsters that resemble my students, with their quirky and fun little (and not so little) personalities.