Monday, January 8, 2018

snow day studio day

Spent much of the day working in the studio, making more Splotch Forms on Yupo paper, and reworking some collaborative mail-art pieces made with JJ Cromer, from 2012. In hindsight, I wish I used a better, more lightfast paint back then, hence a reapplication of new layers of a much higher quality watercolor paint. I look forward to drawing over them again, and really fleshing out the Splotch Monsters from this series. Some good things came out of this collaboration, including an album cover for DC band, The Funk Ark, raising money for Art Enables, and making some money as well from a men’s fashion company in Japan, who featured one of our pieces on the cover of one of their catalogs. The best part was getting to work with one of the coolest living artists on the planet. It’s fun, looking at these pieces, as our styles have changed somewhat since. Ok, back to work on this quiet, dreary snow day.