Sunday, December 10, 2017

grump at crystal city, 2017 roundup

GRUMP at Crystal City, 2017 has come and gone, despite the snow and the wintery weather. Thankfully, unlike four years ago to the day, we didn't get slammed. Road crews were ready and the temps didn't get low enough to cause freezing, so the snow was a welcome way to welcome a holiday-themed arts and crafts fair, whose mascot is a yeti. 

One thing I love about being married to a fellow artist, who is also my best friend, is that we can do arts and crafts shows and events together, which makes these kind of things all the more fun and enjoyable. The preparation and behind-the-scenes aren't always so glamorous, however, and trying to get all your ducks in a row in the days and hours leading up to these events can be downright stressful. Sometimes you wonder if it'll be worth it, and usually it is, as was the case with GRUMP 2017 at Crystal City. The only downside was the wonky wi-fi, which was fixed after the event. That said, Kris and I loved being at the Crystal City shops - a place we've never been before, and GRUMP 2017 was very well attended. I find that as our products improve, so do our sales. Not long ago I was selling ten dollar prints with pretty good artwork, to currently selling high-quality prints for two and three times that price, with much better work, and selling much more of it. As seen by yesterday's event, and one that Kris tabled at a week earlier, people still very much believe in supporting good handmade work, and original work from artists and artisans - that there is most certainly a place in this world for originality and unique art and beauty. 

I'm so grateful to Tina Henry and Beth Baldwin, who did a fantastic job organizing GRUMP 2017, and inviting Kris and I to table and do workshops, which were a blast, by the way! I'm also grateful for my wife Kris, who is my partner in crime and in life and who inspires me in endless ways. I'm also thankful to Santi Casares, who has tabled alongside with us on numerous occasions, and who also gave us the wonderful yeti and snowman drawing, seen at the very top of this post. In the meantime, I apologize for falling behind on my daily Splotch Monster posts. We've been so busy, with work, as well as our art-related work, that there has been little time for anything else. That will change soon, but a little downtime is now in store, for without it, you can crash and burn. That said, I'm signing off tonight and will return to posting, and getting caught up with the daily Splotch Monsters tomorrow!