Saturday, November 11, 2017

looking back at inktober 2017

It's almost halfway into November, though it feels more like February, and I realized I neglected to get a group shot of my October/Inktober Splotch Monsters. I really enjoyed using India Ink and making the monsters from numbers, which was a welcome challenge. Keeping things black & white (and gray) was a challenge as well, but it's good to work within limits and stretch one's creativity within a set of boundaries, sometimes. Anyhow, here they are, all thirty-one 5" x 7" pieces. I'm looking into self-publishing some books, compiling these, along with the "before" numbers/Splotch Forms. I understand there is a local library out my way that lets folks do just that, and keeping things at grey-scale will cut down on costs. I'll post more about it soon, so keep on the lookout!