Thursday, August 10, 2017

endangered kingdom meets splotch monster island recap

Last year, a few months into an artistic challenge I gave myself, to create a portrait of one endangered animal species a week( see HERE), I decided to tack on an extra element to the challenge by doing an endangered animal in a Splotch Monster piece each week, as well. I started the Splotch Monster part of the project one year ago, and completed them last month. In hindsight, I ended up preferring working on the Splotch Monster pieces more, as well as liking the end results more than the portraits. The challenge also had me taking my Splotch Monster work in a whole new direction, forcing me to make my imaginary beasts somehow interact with real beasts, in a way that was compositionally dynamic, and made sense. As with the portrait series, I felt I learned so much in just a year, and created a whole new body of work that will find its way into some upcoming exhibits, books and prints. I find that to be an artist, you have to be a willing, life-long learner, and such learning doesn't necessarily require a degree, but rather an eagerness to know more about the world we inhabit. In the meantime, I'll be taking a little bit of downtime, as I allow my mind to rest and wander, until the creative engines fire up once again.