Wednesday, July 5, 2017

sea shaman, sneak peek (1)

I finished up a piece a couple of days ago, that I had originally started a few years back. It was good, but something was missing - it essentially wasn't finished and frankly, needed more. Now there is a total of twenty-five Splotch Monsters in this piece, in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all resemble oceanic beasts - something I've been exploring more and more of recently with the Splotch Monsters. I think of how vast and life-sustaining our world's oceans are, and how it takes up so much of the Earth's surface, yet is so vulnerable to the careless abuses and practices of mankind. I wonder about the possibility of other oceans on other planets and other galaxies, and the life forms that thrive in them. Do other planets exist like ours? We have a very unique alignment of conditions that contributed to the forming of this ever-changing world we call Earth, yet the universe is so vast, almost beyond human comprehension - there must be planets elsewhere, with at least some similarities. All I know is, we as a species need to focus on protecting the one and only Mother Earth - an amazing celestial being like no other, and never take it's beauty and resources for granted, ever.