Tuesday, March 14, 2017

siau island tarsier in splotch monster island process shots

Making these are always an adventure of sorts. I really have no idea where to begin on the paper, so at first I rotate the splotched-on piece, with the chosen animal (in this case, the Siau Island Tarsier) in mind. How will I portray the animal in relation to the watercolor paint splotches? I try to make these pieces as dynamic-looking as possible, unlike the more static Endangered Kingdom animal portraits. My first notion was to have the paper turned horizontally, with the tarsier hanging on one of the branch-like streaks protruding from the larger splotch, but that didn't seem right, after examining hundreds of photos of the tarsier - not a single one showing the small primate hanging in any way whatsoever. I did find some pics where the tiny monkey was jumping to catch its prey - in this case, a small grasshopper. The most dynamic thing about the finished image, in my opinion, is that while the tarsier is jumping to catch the grasshopper perched on the nose of the the big Splotch Monster below, the big Splotch Monster below is hoping to lure the primate into its jaws, much like the cycle of life in the animal kingdom. What happens in the end is anybody's guess, but I think with the big Splotch Monster's tiny, T-rex-like arms, the quick and agile tarsier will have no problem leaping away to safety. It just has to look out for that long, whip-like tail.