Sunday, January 15, 2017

"get down"!

Last Thursday night I participated in the third official "Growroom Getdown" at the Songbyrd Music Cafe in Washington, DC, and started a new Splotch Monster piece. Organized by local DJ and musician Mylie Durham of the Growroom Productions music label, it was a great way to bring the local music and arts community together and expose folks to some fresh new sights and sounds. I ended up putting the final touches on the piece yesterday, which is a larger 30" x 22" drawing/painting I call "Get Down!", riffing off the theme and vibe of the night. 

My friend Eric Gordon, who with his wife Sara, of Vinyl Vagabonds/DC Creepers fame came by as well. Eric was the first artist to participate in the first official Getdown event, and suggested my work to Mylie. He also contributed to the piece as well, adding some work on a Splotch Monster on the lower left-hand corner. Love the crate full of records he's carrying (above photo)!

I also made about fifty post-card sized paint splotches for people to customize and take home. It was wonderful seeing so many folks come by to sit down and draw with me, and get genuinely excited about it! I'm so grateful to everyone who visited and made something and gave me some positive feedback. I also have to thank my wife Kris for helping me prepare these cards the night before the event. I don't know what I'd do without her sometimes. Unfortunately, my i-phone battery died on me right away, and nobody, including me had a charger for it. Luckily Mylie grabbed a shot for me of some of the Splotch Monsters visitors worked on (below pic).

While I wasn't able to stay as late as I would have liked, I'm so glad I was around to see and hear the sounds of an amazing local duo called Jr. Burdinski. This kind of stuff was right up my alley - instrumental, post-rock, math-rock, whatever you want to call it. Hope to see a full length album from this band drop soon. Below is a video I found featuring one of the band's earlier live performances.