Friday, November 11, 2016

mutts comics meets the splotch monsters!

Patrick McDonnell's MUTTS comics have been a long time favorite of mine, and recently he gave fans the opportunity to post some fan art to be featured at the Mutts blog in the near future. So, I jumped at the opportunity to create a piece featuring Earl and Mooch, as well as little Stinky Puddin, hanging out with some Splotch Monsters. Studying some of Patrick's drawings of Earl and Mooch reinforced in my mind, the simple brilliance in his work, and I went with a couple images I found of Earl and Mooch as peaceful little hippie-types. I slightly changed their stance and color-scheme, however, and found a way to have them fit into the composition nicely. Mutts Comics have always been a voice for the animal kingdom, and is yet another fine example of art as a vessel of kindness and compassion.