Tuesday, August 16, 2016

the splotch monster island online shop has been updated!

I figured, before I go back to school, I better update my online Splotch Monster Island shop over at Big Cartel. For now, I'm keeping things simple, and continuing to sell prints and greeting cards. As I'm well into a new era with my Splotch Monsters merging with the Endangered Kingdom series, I'll eventually be opening a print-on-demand shop to accommodate all the new imagery and offer more and varied options. There have been a few online vendors I've been exploring over the summer, but I'll come to a final decision later in the year. In the meantime, I provided links to all five individual items in the newly stocked shop, so check it out!

"Enlightened" print is available HERE.


"Conquering Mt. Splotchmore" print is available HERE

"Grow a Garden" print is available HERE

"Thank You" print is available HERE

"LOVE" greeting card is available HERE