Wednesday, August 3, 2016

endangered kingdom meets splotch monster island series, 1: emperor tamarin

Today I decided to take on another artistic endeavor involving my Splotch Monsters, and merge them with a whole new element. Taking inspiration from the Endangered Kingdom series of drawings that I've been working on, involving endangered animal portraits wearing crowns on their heads, I decided to extend the concept even further by drawing the animals interacting with Splotch Monsters. This is just one more way to further raise awareness of the Earth's endangered wildlife species, while adding a fresh creative twist. I decided to start with the first drawing I made early last May, featuring the Emperor Tamarin. Unlike the Endangered Kingdom series of drawings, these animal renderings will take on a more simplified, cartoonish appearance, to fit in with the Splotch Monsters in the image. I'll also be playing catch up, going down the list, from the beginning, until I get to the point where I'll make and post one from the original Endangered Kingdom series and one from the Splotch Monster Island series each week. I'll also link each drawing's sister version with each post, as I've done today. So, HERE is the Endangered Kingdom series version. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more!