Friday, June 10, 2016

splotch monster art exhibit now up at gwu!

As of this week, my Splotch Monster art is now hanging at the George Washington University Science and Technology campus, at Innovation Hall, in Ashburn, Virginia. It's an excellent space to see the art work, with lots of natural light. 

While hanging my work, I got to meet one of my former students named Andrew,  from way back when I first started teaching out this way about fifteen years ago. It was so good to see him again, and to see he was still making amazing art work! Andrew, who said I was a major influence on his work, as well as Banksy (wow, sweet!) even gave me a beautiful drawing he made for me (see below), since he works at GWU and knew I was coming by to hang work. That definitely made my day, despite feeling pretty under the weather. I joked and told him that incredibly drawn, broken-down robot really captured how teachers feel right about this time of year, before summer break begins. Almost there!

In the meantime, the show will be hanging throughout the month of June, and possibly longer. A big thanks goes out to Dova Wilson for setting up this exhibit. Hope you can stop by to check it out!