Friday, June 17, 2016

"family reunion" sold, at gwu!

Today, this piece, aptly called "Family Reunion" went home with a lucky art collector and enthusiast named Dani. I don't always post when works sell, but I think it's good to celebrate these things, especially when you know they go home with such wonderful, kind and encouraging individuals like Dani. I asked her what she liked about the piece, and she said it simply made her smile. It's a response I hear often, pertaining to the Splotch Monster art, and in turn, it makes me happy as well. In the brief time I got to speak with Dani, it was obvious she had a knowledge of art and recently had become interested in supporting work by lesser known artists, or those who she believed could get bigger. What a nice compliment! Anyhow, now that the "Family Reunion" has found a new loving home, tomorrow I'll drop by GWU to replace the piece with another. In the meantime, thank you Dani! :)