Tuesday, May 19, 2015

splotch monster intro and process videos for the 2015 western loudoun artists studio tour

To help promote the upcoming 2015 Western Loudoun Artists Studio tour, myself and a couple of other local artists agreed to be filmed working on our art. Agreeing to something like this is totally unlike me, or so I thought, and even though hearing myself say more than enough "ums" and "sort ofs" made me want to cringe at times, I'm mostly pleased with the results. This is in no small part thanks to local videographer Joanne McAlpine, who made the process easy to complete in one short take, a couple of weeks ago. I like that the weather cooperated that evening, after work, and that it took place at Ida Lee Park in Leesburg, VA - where I proposed to, as well as married my wife Kris! I'm hoping to invest in a Go Pro to make more videos of this nature soon, as well. In the meantime, enjoy the vids and subscribe to Joanne's Broadcasting Sunny You Tube channel!