Monday, December 15, 2014

post grump photo dump

Actually, I only have a couple of photos to share, but I'm glad I got some at least. So, Kris and I participated in our first GRUMP holiday arts and crafts fair in Arlington, VA yesterday, and we survived! Founded by the unstoppable Tina Henry (aka Tina Seamonster), the fair serves as a sort of alternative arts and crafts shopping venue for unique and original handmade items. This year the fair was "Supersized" and offered an even wider array of work throughout every floor of the wonderful venue that is the Artisphere. It was almost overwhelming, but in a good way, and I barely got a chance to scratch the surface with regards to seeing and purchasing what other folks had to offer. We were able to explore and buy a little bit however, and from what we did see, it was all pretty amazing. I'm happy to say that Kris and I were able to sell a lot of our work (she even sold a big original piece!) and I practically ran out of prints, to my surprise. The people who came by and said hi and/or bought my Splotch Monster work were the nicest around. These events can sometimes, if not always be a bit exhausting, for a multitude of reasons, and we both still feel like we could use a day to recover (i.e. sleep all day), but they're always worth it, as it forces you to get yourself and your creations out there in the world, as well as meet new folks and old friends alike. I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the most social individual on the planet, but I do generally like people and enjoy a conversation, however deep or mundane, long or short. That said, GRUMP had a ton of foot traffic and it turned out to be a gorgeous mid-December day. What more could one ask for? Until next year!