Monday, October 27, 2014

mail art collab with cat gilbert and john fogarty (pt 1)

A short while back I participated in a mail art collaboration with artists Cat Gilbert and John Fogarty, two incredibly creative individuals I've been in touch with online for the past couple of years. I finally got around to scanning the pieces Cat sent me, after all three of us had added something to each. I actually think I might do a little more with the Splotch Monsters, which began these nine pieces in the first place, otherwise they're about 99% completed. Now I'm waiting on the pieces John will be sending back soon, and I'm going to try and get a show set up for us eventually. I love the colorful, dynamic, almost abstracted direction these works all went in and look forward to seeing all of them together when complete. Another idea I had kicking around was to find some writers, particularly poets, who could contribute words to go along with the works, and even some folks who can do music for each piece. I want this to be a very multidimensional collaborative effort. In the meantime, HERE'S a great post about the use of chance in the making of art.