Thursday, September 25, 2014

splotch monster wedding anniversary illustration

Lately I've enjoyed getting commissions from folks for various Splotch Monster-based illustration projects. The most recent was a hand-made card for a friend who is celebrating her and her husband's fifteen-year wedding anniversary.  Last year she purchased my Splotch Monster Valentines Day card and said how so many friends and family members loved how fun and unique it was, inspiring her to have me make her an anniversary card. Directly above is a shot of the front image, while directly below show what the back looks like. On the inside I kept it completely blank, allowing room for her to write a personal message celebrating this fine occasion. 

I wish I would have taken a photo of the actual card standing before packing it up to mail out, but at least I got a scan of the before (below) and the after (above), showing the card open. It always amazes me when folks want me to do things like this for their special occasions, and more than anything, makes me so happy that their are people who like my work this much. As with all of these text-based Splotch Monster ills, this was a real pleasure to make.