Monday, August 18, 2014

splotch monsters for baby

Former Art Enables/Off-Rhode Studio employee Stu Naranch purchased a piece I had for sale at the Amazing Marvels group show at Off-Rhode earlier in the year, and ended up hanging it in the nursery room of his and his wife's soon-to-be-born baby. I was more than thrilled to see this pic he had posted on Facebook (above), as it was such a pleasant surprise! I had not intended the piece (at the far right) called "Balancing Act" as decor for a young child, yet seeing it in the context of the room, it makes perfect sense. I had the pleasure of meeting Stu and his wife and her parents at a collaborative show I had with JJ Cromer at Off-Rhode in DC in February of 2013.  Stu was actually the first person to purchase one of my smaller works for sale at the show and brilliantly frame it with an existing frame right there at the gallery, on the spot. For me, Stu's purchase was a great way to kickoff an already beautifully displayed exhibit at Off-Rhode Studio, which I will always fondly remember. Best wishes to the Naranch family and their new little one!