Sunday, July 13, 2014

back to the lab

After sleeping in way too long today, and a refreshing visit to the local farmer's market with Kris, I decided to finally sit down and get to work all day in "the lab", as I like to call my tiny studio, on some Splotch Monster-related things. It's due time to stock up on some new products to sell at the Splotch Monster Island shop at Big Cartel, as well as for an upcoming workshop at Books and Other Found Things on the evening of August 1st, as part of Leesburg, Virginia's First Friday gallery walk. I also want to have some books and products ready for my show at the Off-Rhode Studio in exactly two months (!). Starting tomorrow, at midnight, and for the following four days I'll be posting five new paint splotches (or as I like to call them, "Splotch Forms") to be used in that upcoming show, tentatively called "New Mythologies". Feel free to print them out and draw on them yourself, if you would like to create some Splotch Monsters of your own and are feeling a bit creative and collaborative. Stay tuned.