Friday, June 20, 2014

new studio set up

After nearly a year of living in our new home, I think I finally have a decent arrangement for where I'll focus on working on my art. Originally, I had my studio set up downstairs in the basement. While the basement is finished and carpeted and has lots of space, it was just too dark for making art, at least compared to where I now work, upstairs. Plus, it got really cold in the fall, winter and spring. The lighting upstairs is just right, and I'm next-door to Kris' studio room now, which is nice. 

The studio serves quite a few purposes, in addition to being a place where I work on art, it is an office, a personal library, a gallery where I display my collection of art by JJ Cromer, and it is where my good turtle-friend of eleven years, Gammera resides. One thing I made sure to do was find a place to frame my art collection that was affordable and good to work with. I found AC Moore the best place for this, as they provide UV proof, museum-quality glass for preserving art work, and have amazing deals on custom-framing, so over the course of the year, I went in and got an average of one or two pieces framed each month. I'm not one of those artists who has paint all over the walls or the floors, mainly because most of what I work on is smaller in scale, though lately, the larger stuff of recent weeks was made in the basement, where I can spread out some more. In the meantime, I won't do much more explaining and let the pictures speak for themselves. I look forward to getting a lot of work done in this small but inspiring space.