Tuesday, May 27, 2014

girl scouts make splotch monsters too!

Earlier in the year, during the first annual SMUDGE Expo at Artisphere in Arlington, VA, I had the pleasure of presenting a Splotch Monster-making workshop to lots of folks, both kids and adults alike. I honestly didn't expect such a big turnout and felt a little overwhelmed at first. Thankfully, there were some very kind souls in the classroom who were willing to help make things go a bit more smoothly that day. One of them, who stood out most of all was Mrs. Edie Hernandez, who runs Girl Scout Brownie Troop 40451 in Front Royal, Virginia. Shortly after SMUDGE, Edie contacted me about trying to make some Splotch Monsters with her Brownie troop, as well as with her own young children.  I was more than happy to send her instructions, and today she sent me a very kind letter and card with the results! Above are images from her troop, which are all spectacular, and below are some superb examples made by her own little ones! Edie wrote about it here: 

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to let you know that our Girl Scout Splotch Monster making session was a complete success.  The girls had a lot of fun and they really loved their creations.  It was, by far, their favorite activity for their painting badge.  

Thank you sooooo much for your inspiration, information and advice.  

Attached is a little thank you card with pictures of the girls' monsters.  I also attached a picture of the "test pieces" I did with my 3-year old twins because I thought that they were just too cute.  They did everything completely by themselves and I was in awe that they were able to create such amazing little creatures.

Best wishes,

Thanks so much Edie and Troop 40451. You did a wonderful job and you certainly made my day!