Thursday, April 17, 2014

"your story" splotch monster now lives on somebody's arm, in brooklyn

That somebody would be Mr. Jared Roberts of Brooklyn, NY. Jared posted this photo of the Splotch Monster tattooed on his arm, on my Facebook wall yesterday, and I was in complete awe, first off, because someone actually found my work worthy enough to get drawn on a part of their body, forever, and second of all, because of the incredible job the tattoo artist did with it. I mean, seriously, no Splotch Monster could be easy to duplicate! Anyhow, this was a total and very welcome surprise and it basically made my year. In Jared's words: "Hey man, I'm a huge fan of your work as you can tell. I got this a little while ago and wanted to send you a pic because this little dude makes me happy on a daily basis. Thanks for the work you do, it's literally something that will stay with me forever.

What is interesting is that Jared's fiancĂ© actually commissioned me a few years back to make her a print of this guy, so she could hang it in her shop. This was way before I was even making or selling prints yet.  I decided to send them some goodies to thank them for their support. Jared says he lives right down the street from where they're holding the Brooklyn Zine Fest in a little over a week, so hopefully he'll get out there to grab a copy of the Robocop 1987 zine, curated and compiled by Eric Gordon, of Vinyl Vagabonds fame. Inside is a page I did featuring Robocop battling (or possibly industrial dancing) with "the Toxic Splotch", a Splotch Monster of a much more foul and virulent nature. I'll make sure to post more about that in the near future, when I receive some copies of my own.