Sunday, March 9, 2014

smudge! expo was awesome!

Yes, the first annual SMUDGE! Comic Arts Expo held at Artisphere in Arlington, Virginia was awesome, for lack of a better word. Organized by Matt Dembicki and Tina Henry, from noon - 6PM the Artisphere building had a nice, steady stream of kids and adults pass through for this all-ages event. I met so many cool people yesterday and sold a ton of art prints and books, I feel it was well worth participating in. Thankfully my wife was present to help me with things, including taking some great photos, including the one above, where Matt Dembicki is chatting with me briefly before the doors were about to open, and below, where I'm sitting at my table, in a really nice location. I was fortunate enough to be stuck between some of the best table neighbors one could possible hope for, including Carolyn Belefski (Curls Studio), Santi Casares and Melissa Grance (Chili's World), and Michael Auger (Arty Forever). Thankfully the weather was ideal as well Saturday - a perfect day to be out and about.

I was glad Tina and Matt granted me the opportunity to hold a Splotch Monster-making workshop from 1-1:50PM (pictured above, photo courtesy Tina Henry). I'm so used to smaller groups coming to these things, that I was pleasantly surprised and slightly overwhelmed when the room was filled with fifty or so people. That said, I had a blast, and the kids and adults as well were so kind and cool.

Below are just a few examples of Splotch Monsters made by participants at the SMUDGE! Expo. It made my day to see folks come out to the event, buy my work and attend the workshop. The artist vendors at the show were amazing as well, and while I was able to do a brief tour and purchase some of what was offered at the expo, I wish I had some more time to get away from my table, but that's OK, 'cause I certainly was able to make some good use of my Square and Square app all day, which was definitely a good thing. 

I look forward to doing SMUDGE! once again next year as well. In the meantime, I wasn't able to attend the opening for the Amazing Marvels show at Art Enables/Off-Rhode Studio in DC. I saw some previews and heard how good it was yesterday from some folks, and I even got the good news that my two paintings in the exhibit sold within the opening's first hour! It's been somewhat a stressful week, so it was so good to learn of this, on top of attending SMUDGE yesterday. Here's more on the Amazing Marvels exhibit, which I definitely plan on checking out and blogging about soon!