Sunday, March 2, 2014

illustration friday contest winner!

A few days ago I was informed via e-mail that I was one of two winners for the first Illustration Friday pick-of-the week art product giveaway! The topic was "prehistoric" and I submitted Splotch Monster 743 (the very bottom image) for the topic. The prize is a set of Jet Pens, a product I've loved ever since the company contacted me a couple of years ago to test out their product and share something about it. I've been participating in Illo Friday for almost a decade now, on and off. In fact, it's where I got started back into making more art again, as well as (even better) where I "met" my wonderful wife! In the meantime,  if you're looking for a good, weekly creative challenge, you can't go wrong with Illustration Friday. Also, when those jet Pens arrive, I'll make sure to do some follow up posts!