Saturday, February 15, 2014

splotch monster master: chiqui pineda

Just recently, I discovered an amazing artist on Instagram who is also creating some Splotch Monsters. She's a modern day renaissance woman named Chiqui Pineda, and she's truly on a roll with them!

She said a friend of hers turned her on to them when she saw my Get Lost In a Book print, that had been purchased for her friend's child's bedroom, so she started making some as well. Seeing this puts a big smile on my face, and it's the reason why I get out there to do Splotch Monster workshops and the like.

Chiqui's Splotch Monsters blow me away with her unbridled and wildly imaginative approach. Each character is joyously and often humorously creative, and while Chichi has referred to me as her Splotch Monster hero, I think it's the other way around, as I'm super inspired by her loose, fantastical style.

Don't you just love these guys?

Please don't hesitate to check out Chiqui Pineda's web site for a heaping dose of artistic inspiration in the meantime. Splotch on Chiqui!