Sunday, November 3, 2013

playing catch up in november

 It's been a fun but busy start this November in Splotch Monster-land. Yesterday I participated in the first Cartoonists Draw Blood event for six hours at Seekers Church in DC, organized by the unstoppable Carolyn Belefski and sponsored by the Red Cross (see below). I gave some blood myself, for the first time in years, and nearly passed out in the process. Thankfully the good people of Red Cross kept me awake. Next time I won't squeeze at all on that foam thing! Meeting the donors was a real bonus, and hanging out in a room full of kind, creative individuals made the time fly by pretty quickly. Hope to do it again soon! In the meantime, check out the article about our event from the Washington Post HERE.

On Friday evening I did a Splotch Monster-making demo at the always excellent Books and Other Found Things in Leesburg, Virginia. Allen and Nancy, the shop's owners, have been selling and supporting my work for the past year and I always look forward to the opportunity to participate in their monthly Leesburg First Friday events. As usual, by around 7PM, lots of folks began trickling in and packed the room I was working in. I met a lot of cool, creative people and was blown away at some of the things they were coming up with on those paint splotches.  I even met some former students of mine from way back when, who dropped in to say hi! Books and Other Found Things has been thoroughly restocked with some new Splotch Monster prints (see above) and I'm always grateful to them for taking me under their wing.

On November 10th, I'm planning on opening my shop, dedicated to selling all things Splotch Monster. I'm still working on the name, but it'll start out simple as more items are added for sale. Prints, original art, books and more will soon be available, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, below are some Instagrammed Splotch Monsters I had posted on Facebook up through Halloween but never got around to posting up here yet. Enjoy!

Splotch Monsters 867-880. Happy Halloween!

Splotch Monster 817. You don't see meeeee!

Splotch Monster 595. Hey Babe, take a walk on the wild side.

Splotch Monster 608. You lookin' at me?

Splotch Monster 313. Don't worry, be hoppy.