Monday, November 18, 2013

more collaborative works with john fogarty

I finally completed another set of collaborative works with John Fogarty, an amazing artist from the New Jersey area. A little while ago I posted the first set, which I began with Splotch Monsters, and then John added to the pieces with his signature abstractions in paint, creating a very otherworldly visual effect.  This time, it was the other way around, with John beginning seven pieces and me adding to 'em, again to very similar effect. This is why I've gotten so much into collaborating with folks, because it's an exciting challenge that makes me view my own art in a different way. Now these will be off to Cat Gilbert in NYC, where she'll add her final artistic touches to them. I might have mentioned previously at this blog, our collaborative effort is most likely going to be called "Flowers and Monsters". Soon I'll post my latest collaborative efforts with Cat from this series as well, so stay tuned.