Tuesday, October 1, 2013

happy splotchtober!

(Splotch Monster 229, above)

Happy October all! I love this time of year, with the crisper, cooler air, changing colors of the leaves, and with my birthday and Halloween on the way, how can one go wrong? I decided to dig out some personal favorites from the ol' archives and post one every day this month, up through Halloween. Then, beginning November first I'll be launching my new little online shop, tentatively called Splotch Monster Island. I'm aiming to sale some original Splotch Monster art work, as well as signed prints and other Splotch Monster-related goodness. Here at the blog, I'll post updates on sales, specials, etc., as well as some upcoming workshops.  My hope is to sell art that is fun and affordable to everyone. I'm also planning on posting some progress visuals of my current collaboration with Cat Gilbert and John Fogarty, starting November. So, keep posted and let the fun begin!