Monday, August 26, 2013

d.c. conspiracy exhibit at artisphere, and magic bullet issue 7

Yesterday Kris and I headed out to Artisphere in Rosslyn, VA to drop off a couple of stacks of the new Magic Bullet Issue 7, as well as to check out the art exhibit featuring original Magic Bullet comic art from members of the DC Conspiracy. We managed to make it out to Artisphere just before close, and wow, were we blown away by the exhibit and the building itself. Neither of us had been to Artisphere before and we couldn't believe how big it was, and how this beautiful, spacious, modern structure is completely dedicated to the arts! The Magic Bullet comic art exhibit was quite impressive as well, wonderfully curated and hung by founding members Matt Dembicki and Evan Keeling. There you'll find original covers as well as story art by a good number of contributors, past and present.

The exhibit will run from August 21 - November 3, 2013, at the Works In Progress Gallery, and there will be comics-making workshops/demos (see above table) presented by some of the artists involved in the show. I was originally scheduled for the evening of Thursday, September 12, as well as the afternoon of Saturday, September 14, but due to work obligations I can only make the Saturday date. The good news is Matt Dembicki kindly filled in for my former Thursday date (thanks again Matt!). There are also books and products by the artists for sale at the gallery, giving viewers a chance to own some original, homegrown art and comics. 

In the meantime, you can get your new kid-friendly, Halloween-themed issue of Magic Bullet #7, hot off the press and free to the public, at the gallery(as pictured above)! Local comic artists Carolyn Belefski and Rafer Roberts did an excellent job editing and putting this great new issue together and it's ready for distribution just in time for Halloween.  It sure beats candy in my opinion! 

My latest comic story and contribution to Magic Bullet 7 is on display at the exhibit (above), as well as an older piece from an earlier issue (below).

Kris and I stopped by Sunflower in Vienna, VA for lunch and happened to find some new Magic Bullet issues available there, which was a nice surprise. There I am posing with the issue in hand (above and below).  It was good to be able to sit down and get a look at the issue before driving out to Artisphere to drop off some stacks. 

If you're in or around the Washington, DC area, don't hesitate to stop by Artisphere's Works In Progress Gallery to check out the show and grab yourself a copy of Magic Bullet!