Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a package from john has arrived!

Shortly after posting a sampler of what artist John Fogarty has done with our current collaboration, a package arrived from his home in New Jersey.  I reposted those two from last post, after scanning them, and I'm psyched at just how well they turned out! John really did some dynamic things utilizing his signature style and he also sent me six (or maybe seven) that he started, for me to now begin working on. What I'm thinking of doing is possibly keeping six by strictly me and John, then six with strictly myself and Cat Gilbert, then have John and Cat have six, then six all three of us have worked on, to break and shake things up a bit. So, currently I've got all 24 unfinished (and possibly some finished) pieces from all three of us, and now, once I move in a few days to our new place, and things settle after about a week, I'll be hitting this collab at full steam.

In the meantime, John sent me a copy of a marvelous album of mostly instrumental electronic music called "Tunnels" by a Kansas City artist called Discoverer (Digitalis, 2012). Since it has arrived in my mail a few days ago, it's all I've been listening to - perfect music for the lovely summer days we've been having this way lately. I look forward to picking up everything else by this artist. Thanks John!