Monday, April 1, 2013

john & steve collab 1 (pt 1)

This, along with five more Splotch Monsters and six more blank sheets of white paper is the first part of an art collaboration with artist John Fogarty. All twelve sheets will be sent to John in NJ, where he will add something to the six started sheets and begin the six that have not been started yet. John will then send all twelve back my way, in Leesburg, VA to continue to add more work to them.

I've followed John's work for quite sometime, through Flickr, and am always amazed at his capacity for experimentation and creativity.  John has very similar musical tastes as I do, so it's always cool to get a good tip from him every so often. As with past collabs with the likes of some of my favorite artist people on the planet, I greatly look forward to this one. This collaboration is very much in the same vein as the one JJ Cromer and I worked on, and I've started another with a great artist in NYC, which I'll blog about soon as well. In the meantime, I found some time to get this, and five more posts in for the next five days.

Below is a song from the band Auburn Lull, whose music I've been listening to a lot while working on this series. Think Slowdive meets Flying Saucer Attack and you're somewhere close. I love this song (and all of their songs), to put it mildly. Enjoy.