Wednesday, March 20, 2013

mail me art 3, pathways magazine: spring, 2013, and glitterbomb

Happy spring, even though it still feels like winter's hanging on! I love this time of year, despite all the work to be done and the allergies going batty on me. Just a heads up and some good news this post. First of all, I'm very happy to have been selected to have some of my Splotch Monster work included in the upcoming Mail Me Art 3, Short and Sweet book, organized by Darren Di Lieto, who runs the Little Chimp Society art and illustration website. I've always been a fan of snail mail, especially when it merges with art, and have participated in quite a few mail art-related happenings in recent years, most notably my collaborative exchange with JJ Cromer late last year, which was an all around incredible experience. I included a photo of an amazing piece that I acquired from JJ through the mail, which I'm in the process of getting professionally framed. I also love the drawing he made on the envelope - a happy-looking asterisk character it seems! I'll miss those packages from JJ and I've kept every one of 'em. Anyway, Darren and co will be hosting a Mail Me Art 3 book launch at the Framers Gallery in London from July 30th up through August 3rd, 2013, where they'll also be featuring our work. I dropped my piece off a little over a week ago, so hopefully it reached, or will reach its destination soon. Inside my envelope is a little, secret added bonus, even though contributing artists could choose to opt out from placing any mail inside. Either way, Darren had us send a high res scan via email just in case, so the image will still happily make it into the book. Above is the before and the after, in classic Splotch Monster-posting form. I haven't done a Splotch Monster text piece in a long time, and this one might be one of my favorites. I can't wait for the book to arrive in my mailbox this summer, in the meantime! Speaking of mail art, I just began two more collaborations with two more good artist folks, and I'll be posting up and sending out my beginning-stage images soon.

In other good, non Splotch Monster-related news, I got my big Great Blue Heron drawing "Watching and Waiting in June" accepted as the cover image art for the wonderful Pathways Magazine, Spring 2013 issue. It's a real honor seeing my baby, completed after ten hours of work late last December, on the cover of this publication. I began reading Pathways  nearly a decade ago when I first started going to the excellent Sunflower vegetarian restaurant in Vienna, Virginia. While you can find the actual magazine in physical form all over the DC/NOVA/MD area, you can also simply read it online as well.

*above and below: I found some physical copies of Pathways at MOM's in Herndon, VA!

Before I go, below I posted some shots I got from the fantastic show, Glitterbomb, now on exhibit at Art Enables/Off-Rhode Studio. It features just a fraction of the works from the huge collection of outsider art enthusiast and expert Paul Yandura, who also has quite a few of my Splotch Monster pieces in his collection, making me so happy to learn they found a good, loving home.  A.E. and Paul will be hosting a big Glitterbomb party at Off-Rhode this Saturday, March 23, from 7-10 PM, and the show runs until March 29, so please don't miss this if you're in the DC area!

Well, that's all for now folks (insert Loony Tunes song)! I'll be posting more up here sometime later next month when I get a chance. For now I leave you with a fine track from the Shawn O'Sullivan EP "Free Flight", released on WT Records, 2012.