Monday, February 25, 2013

recent art happenings

Hello once again - yes, two posts in February! I guess I failed miserably on my experiment to stay away from blogging for a year. Even my wife is jokingly calling me a sell-out, and deservedly so. But hey, I lasted four months and maybe that's all I needed. Putting together this big post however reminded me of how much work I used to put into blogging and how much I don't miss that part so much. Still, if not for my own sake, I thought it might be good to get another one up here, at least before a couple of shows end this week. 

First off, the "Splotch/Asterisk" show at the Off-Rhode Studio gallery space is still going on, thanks to some positive feedback, until the end of the month. The crew who run Off-Rhode and Art Enables in DC did such an amazing job at displaying this very special collaboration between JJ Cromer and myself, I could not have been more pleased. Despite some cold, heavy winds on the opening reception day, folks from near and far showed up, took a look, chatted, participated in the Splotch Monster workshop and bought lots of work.  I can't thank these people enough, and I met so many good, kind, wonderful individuals as a result of this show.  Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, JJ couldn't make it out, but I can assure you, he was certainly there in spirit.  Above and below are some shots from the show, some of which were taken by my new pal Austin, who runs the Eye Collector art site. If you're in the DC area, please don't hesitate to drop in before it ends this week. 

Another art show that is ending late this week is "Petite Perspectives" at Art Square in Leesburg, Virginia.  The opening reception had a big turnout and there were so many great little pieces I would have loved to have purchased, I couldn't quite make my mind up.  Five of my own animal-themed works are in the show, and this is the first time Art Square did an exhibit featuring some tiny art, which was a brilliant idea. With a just few days left, don't miss out on this show if you're in the Leesburg area.

So, that's all for now, and for a little while. What is normally a dreary and cold month turned out to be a pretty spectacular few weeks. Looks like I'll just update this blog in moderation for now, though some new stuff is in the works. I've got a lot more good art-related news on the horizon, but I'll save that for the next post perhaps. Until then, looking forward to spring's arrival!