Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the monsters have arrived!

Yes, the monsters have indeed arrived in my mailbox, waiting for me to greet them this crisp Autumn evening! Stickerbomb Monsters is the fourth in a series of Stickerbomb books released through Laurence King Publishing and Studio Rarekwai (the SRK). Around this time last year some good folks from the SRK e-mailed me to see if I might be interested in submitting some of my own Splotch Monsters for the book, compiling art work from artists from all over the world. I didn't even know they had a call for artists, so I feel very fortunate to have any work in this awesome little book at all. Four of my Splotch Monsters are in the book, all featured here via Instagram vision. This book is some serious eye candy, fit for anyone into monsters, stickers, street art and visual documentation of contemporary artists, illustration and art movements, just in the nick of time for Halloween.