Saturday, September 8, 2012

glassblowing and splotch monster demos in leesburg, va

Last night I participated in the Leesburg, Virginia First Friday art night with my friend Dario deHoyos, who did a couple of excellent glassblowing demos outdoors at his studio in town. We had a lot of fun last night and lots of people came by. It was fascinating to see Dario work, as he's a natural teacher, sharing great tidbits and tips, along with some good stories while performing his craft. 

My wife and I discovered Dario's work during one of her art shows at King Street Coffee around Christmastime, where he had some beautiful little tree ornaments for sale. We've bought his pieces for our tree for the past couple of years now, and it was great to see him at work, explaining his process. 

Splotch Monsters and glassblowing seem like an odd pairing, and despite their differences, they have quite a few things in common as well, and Dario and I talked a little about possibly merging our concepts into a collaborative effort. We did a lot of dreaming and brainstorming last night, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of these things we discussed gradually become a reality. 

We lucked out last night with the weather being gorgeous, and ended up staying out until eleven, long after most of the First Friday festivities died down. We met some cool folks too last night, including one woman who had a ball making a Splotch Monster of her own (see below) after watching Dario's first glassblowing demo with her husband. She took some pre-made Splotch Forms back with her to use with some of her special needs students as part of an lesson she wants to try. Some friends even stopped by towards the end for a late glassblowing demo and a fun Splotch Monster throw down.  I hope to join Dario again for a demo in the near future, and if you're in the Leesburg, VA area don't hesitate to stop by for a good dose of art, creativity and fun!