Wednesday, July 25, 2012

new splotch monster art 'zines!

I just completed my latest 'zine in time for the upcoming 2012 DC Zinefest, which will be held this coming Saturday, July 28th at St. Stephen's Church from 11AM - 5PM. Below is a great photo from last year's fest (courtesy Curls Studio), which I tabled along with Matt Dembicki.  I'll be sharing a table with Matt once again, as well as doing another Splotch Monster workshop for anyone who wants to make and take some cool art of their own home, Saturday. 

A couple of years ago I made a Splotch Monster 'zine with all black & white pages. While it was decent-looking, and cheap and easy to make many copies, the art didn't quite translate without color. Unfortunately, it costed me roughly seven dollars each to make a twenty-page full-color zine with a thick card stock cover at Kinko's.  This means I'll be charging ten dollars per book. That said, it'll be worth it, as the first and possibly last edition of this book is limited to ten hand-signed and numbered by yours truly. Plus, it looks soooo much better than the black and white one! Below is some chronological order shots via Instagram, though I didn't document my work today before going to Kinko's. 

This will probably be the last time I ever do the DC Zinefest, and the one in Richmond, VA this October will most likely be the last I do ever. While the cost seems kind of pricey for a 'zine, and the number a little exclusive, I wanted to make a good, quality product for someone to purchase and take home, while still making a slight profit, if any. Why no more 'zinefests you might wonder? Well, I guess after doing these for about four or five years now, I feel it's time to move on to something new. In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to this weekend in DC. I'll also be selling some original art and prints along with the books as well, so I hope to see folks there!