Saturday, July 7, 2012

july first friday at 2 loudoun street

Last night I did a Splotch Monster demo/workshop at 2 Loudoun Street in Leesburg, VA as part of their monthly First Friday artist showcase event. The heat was nasty, but people still showed up, at least later in the evening, plus it didn't stop the Splotch Monsters from coming by.  I really had a fun evening and met some more great people, including artist Steve (below) and a few friends he brought along all the way from Tennessee! These guys made my evening and were Splotch Monster naturals, getting right down to business without hesitation and blowing me away with their skills and creative talents.

There's Steve monster (below)!

Love the aquatic critter!

One of Steve's friends was only fifteen, who made this amazing Splotch Musician (below).

I was very fortunate to have shared the space with master story-teller Wilson Roberts, who captivated folks by incorporating acting, music and humor into his sets, perfecting the age-old act of telling stories. We joked about collaborating, with him conjuring tales of Splotch Monsters made by me as well as others that night, and I know if we were serious, something truly magical would surface as a result.

I had quite a few others stop by and make some amazing Splotch Monsters last night, and even had a young sidekick all evening by the name of Henry, who was only going into grade one, but drew (and painted) like a fifth-grader! His mom helped out with the event, so it was cool to have some inspirational company.  I want to thank everyone who organized the event and kept it positive despite the heat, as well as those who bought some art. I had a ball and hope to do it again in September. In the meantime, I'll be at the Winchester Book Gallery next Friday eve, where we'll be making Splotch Monster book-marks as part of their monthly Second Friday game night. Hope to see you there if you're in the area!