Thursday, May 3, 2012

splotch monsters at 2 loudoun street sw tomorrow eve

Just a brief heads up to anyone interested, I'll be working on some Splotch Monster art tomorrow evening at 2 Loudoun St, SW as part of the Leesburg, Virginia May First Friday art walk events. There will be other local artists there as well, doing their thing, and I'll have prints for sale, as well as blank paint splotches and pens for kids and adults who would like to try their hand at some of their own. Below are two from the recent Garden Festival, from young artists Lilou and Anika, who collaborated on several monsters with me, and gave me one each as a gift. Aren't they awesome? Anyhow, I'm pretty psyched to be doing this tomorrow and I want to thank Sola (who runs the Pink Shop in town) and Debi for organizing this event and giving me this opportunity. Hope to see folks there!

(Splotch Monster by Lilou, above)

(Splotch Monster by Anika, above)