Wednesday, May 23, 2012

magic bullet 5 fundraiser at kickstarter/four splotch monsters looking for a good home

Magic Bullet is an awesome newspaper jam-packed with some amazing comics and cartoon-based work from mostly DC artists. Currently, issue number 5 is in the works, and I'll have some art in it this time around. The publication is free, however it costs some money to get this paper made and out to the public. Today, the publication just began its Kickstarter fundraising campaign, and there are a lot of great items for sale from M.B. artists. I decided to donate a set of four Splotch Monsters (seen here) for a donation of $30 or more. Each piece measures 9" x 6", made on watercolor paper with India ink and Pigma Micron pen, from my black & white series. Normally, I sell these for about thirty-to-fifty dollars each, so I'm practically giving these four originals (not prints) away for free! Why, because this publication is something I can definitely get behind, and I'd like to raise some money to get it out there to the public. None of the money will go to me, it all goes to funding the publishing of Magic Bullet 5. So, if you like Splotch Monsters, want to help a great independent newspaper launch and want some inexpensive original art to call your own, don't hesitate to make a purchase.  It's rare I'll ever sell these (from this series at least) at such a low price again.