Tuesday, May 15, 2012

artful greetings from greece

Today I got a real nice surprise in my mailbox from my Greek artist friend Akis Karanos. If you might recall, Akis curated and organized an art exhibit called "For The Absurd Expedition" in Greece last January, which included some of my Splotch Monster art. He also put together an art 'zine as well, which again, included some more Splotch Monster works. So, after patiently waiting, his package finally arrived! I really like the way the 'zine was put together, if you even want to call it a 'zine, which operated more along the lines of a box of art prints. I also like the hand-drawn/painted art on the box as well, and Akis was kind enough to include some extra goodies, including a great, large hand-signed poster print, some exhibit fliers, a 'zine he made, as well as a couple of individual drawings he made, which he traded with me, for some of my own work. I give Akis a ton of credit for putting so much time and energy into all of this in the name of art, as he informed me, times are still tough and quite unstable economically in his homeland. Here's hoping things start looking up soon his way and I look forward to doing more shows his way again in the future. Thanks Akis!!