Friday, May 25, 2012


Thought it was time I invested in a good guard dog.  He may be eight inches tall, but his breath keeps even the most numb of nostrils on high alert. In the meantime, just a heads up - in a little less than a week from today I'll be at Books and Other Found Things in Leesburg, VA on June 1st, as part of the monthly First Friday art walk events. I'm also slated for 2, Loudoun Street SW in July. Both times I'll be working on new monsters as well as have Splotch Form cards made for folks to work on if they're feeling a bit creative themselves. There will be signed prints available for sale as well. Hope to see ya there if you're in the area, and I promise to keep ol' sewage breath at home!


  1. How do you make your splotches? Your creations are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing. How many are you planning on making?

  2. Thanks Rhonda! For the most part it's just loose, stream-of-conscious watercolor painting, though I'm currently trying out a monoprint method with acrylics (neon!) that I haven't posted yet. Later, after the paint dries, I draw on them - eyes, mouths, teeth, legs, claws, etc. This summer I'm goibg to try and post some demo videos. Just haven't found the time for that yet, unfortunately. As far as a number, I don't think I'll ever stop making them, so we're looking at the thousands possibly.