Saturday, May 5, 2012


Here's one I made yesterday while doing some Splotch Monster art demos at last night's Leesburg First Friday event at 2 Loudoun St, SW. I was fortunate to have met some great people last night as well as see some new friends drop on by to say hi again. There were some pretty amazing artists present at the space and I wish I was able to get some pictures, but was either too busy working on some art or talking to folks. I did the painting ahead of time so I could scan and post the "before" (Splotch Form), along with the "after", like I always do here at the blog, however, next month I think I'll also do some painting as well as drawing for people to see (and try out), and push the "interactive" envelope a bit further. Thanks to all the kids and adults and everyone in between who stopped over, said hello and/or bought some work! Expect more of these individual Splotch Monsters to continue to appear here at the blog in the meantime.