Friday, April 6, 2012

splotch monsters invade books and other found things, leesburg, va

Earlier this evening, as part of the Leesburg, First Friday Gallery Walk, I set up shop in the back yard of Books and Other Found Things,  a fairly new used book shop in town, who also sell local art work and crafts. I'm very grateful to owners Allen and Nancy, who have six new Splotch Monster works on display in the shop, as well as my prints for sale, quite a few of which sold today and yesterday already! My large "Get Lost in a Book" piece has also found a permanent home at the shop now, in the children's book section thanks to Allen and Nancy, to my pleasant surprise. 

In the meantime, It was nice working in the back, outside, under a big, beautiful blossoming tree. At first, it was pretty peaceful and quiet, then folks slowly started to gather around to create their own Splotch Monsters. It was great to see just as many adults get involved as well as children this evening, one of the first participants being local artist Jan Blacka, who dove right in and brought a couple of my paint splotches to life as lively land and sea creatures (top photo). It was great hanging out with Jan, who does some fantastic abstract work and will be featured during this year's Western Loudoun Studio Tour. I think some people surprised themselves with just how creative and artistic they actually are, including my former colleague Jeni Stuart (below), who worked at the Health Clinic at the school I teach at. Her Splotch Monsters turned out pretty awesome, to say the least. And she said she couldn't draw!

I was so glad to see people drop by to talk and get creative and work on some of their own Splotch Monsters tonight, despite such short notice. As always, I'm amazed at what people do with these blank paint splotches! I'll be back again for the upcoming Home and Garden weekend in a couple of weeks, as well as for the May First Friday, which I'll be making much more of a fuss about, with flyers, etc. There will be more and new prints, as well as some mini-books/zines. Thanks to all who came out tonight to Books and other Found Things for First Friday, and to those who bought/supported my work. I look forward to next time!