Sunday, April 22, 2012

splotch monster workshop at books and other found things

This weekend I spent some time both Saturday and Sunday at Books and Other Found Things in Leesburg, Virginia.  Since I'm selling some Splotch Monster art prints there, I was invited to do a workshop as part of the area's annual Home and Garden Festival. Luckily, the weathermen were completely wrong about one day at least, with Saturday being gorgeous and sunny, perfect for the event, with the rain holding off until after Saturday's festivities closed down. This brought some wonderful visitors out to the backyard, where both kids and adults alike joined me in making some Splotch Monster art. For the couple hours I was there Saturday, I heard at least several parents say that this was by far their children's favorite part of the festival (and there were tons of things going on for kids that day), and on a few occasions, their kids said how they wished they could stay all day. This, more than any print sales, made my day, though I am very thankful for those who bought my work on Saturday. Sunday, however, the weathermen were dead on about the dreary forecast, as it rained and poured and dropped about twenty degrees. Much worse than a pleasant springtime sprinkle, the damp and the cold kept folks away. That's OK though, since myself and shop owner Allen had a nice quiet time talking over some coffee and some tunes, and had fun hanging out with a couple who dropped in from Pittsburgh, PA, who also do some of their own art, later going home with a large print of mine and some blank paint splotches for their children to work on. 

If you haven't been to Books and Other Found Things in Leesburg, and live nearby or are just passing through, don't hesitate to stop in and have a look around. It's a beautiful little store jam packed with lots of good books, as well as great art and crafts from local artists. It's places like this that are absolutely vital to towns like Leesburg, or anywhere, as it fosters community and creativity. I met so many cool people the few times I've done workshops/demos there, and I look forward to doing many more soon. Thanks to Allen for putting up with me over the weekend (though I know he didn't mind at all), and to all those who stopped by, made some art with me and bought some prints as well. Until next time!