Thursday, April 19, 2012

monsters from the mckays!

Soaring through the skies
With tentacles ten miles wide
Air shattering scream

A frightening face
Misunderstood, locked in chains
Dreaming of escape

Long time follower of this blog, JoAnne Mckay, who writes and publishes some marvelous works of poetry, has a couple of sons who are also great conspirators in splotchery. The two examples featured in this post are the latest from her boys, who are obviously artistic geniuses in their own right. What I love about these two is the fact that they printed out the same identical paint splotch from my Splotch Form Flickr set, and each made their own, completely different creatures from it! To return the favor, I wrote up a couple of quick Haikus about them. Thanks guys, you did a mighty fine job. Enjoy!