Monday, April 2, 2012

got some prints made, etc.

Today I got some prints made from some of my Splotch Monster art, which will be for sale, starting this coming Friday. Never mind the funky, fuzzy Instagram shot above. The prints turned out beautifully, better than I could have imagined, thanks to a place just around the corner from where I live, called AlphaGraphics. It's odd how you find out about things, as in the case with this place where I got my prints made.  Basically, I'll be showing several brand new Splotch Monster pieces in Leesburg, VA, starting this Friday (April 6) at a wonderful new shop in town called Books and Other Found Things, where I was talking about working on a new zine with the good folks who run the place. They actually tipped me off to AlphaGraphics, which was strange, 'cause my wife had just talked with a women who works there, about the nutrition program she recently graduated from. Long story short, Kris told me about the print shop only a few days before the people at the book shop told me about it as well. So, it looks like I had no choice but to check it out. Anyhow, once again, they did some beautiful, professional quality prints on some heavy matte paper, for a very reasonable price, and I'll definitely be going back again soon to get some zines, and more prints made in time for the May First Friday, as well as some upcoming zine fests. I've also got a Splotch Monster website and shop in the works for October, 2012, which is pretty exciting, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I'll be at Books and Other Found Things on Friday evening, April 6, working on some Splotch Monsters and just hanging out - nothing too formal or anything. In fact, this was all somewhat last minute. I'll also bring some more blank Splotch Forms and pens for folks to work with that evening too, so I hope to see people there! In the meantime, I'm still on my word medley kick, and I've got three new ones in the works right now, the first of which I hope to have done and posted by tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.