Wednesday, April 4, 2012

917 - 931 (buy local produce)

Here's the first of a few Splotch Monster word medleys I've been working on lately. I'll be making a print of this one for a bulk foods/yarn/framing shop in Woodstock, Virginia simply called The Market. The folks who run the store framed some Splotch Monster art a friend of mine bought from me, and they really liked it. They sell produce and organic products from local farms and such, which I'm all for, so I was more than happy to work on this one for them. I'm also wrapping up another one for these guys, which I'll post here soon.


  1. These are great! Like little rotten fruit/vegetable monsters - cute threatening compost.

  2. I just love your splotch monsters, and its interesting to see them actually forming words! You've still maintained that great organic quality! (no pun intended!)