Friday, March 9, 2012

895 - 896

Yellow means yield, especially if yellow is big and scary with fangs and smelly, hairy armpits, in which case a U-turn is also in order. 


  1. Ah ha, you've brightened the colors. The guy(s) on the right are quite strange and full of personality. The guy on the right, who you've described in such unflattering detail, is rather icky and I believe I would go with the U-turn.

  2. Love the explanatory caption. TRUE TRUE TRUE.

  3. Ha! Splotch Monsters are awesome... I can't believe I'm only just now finding your blog. I love these.

  4. Thanks so much guys, glad you like 'em!

    Yeah Cindy, for some reason everything has been scanning darker, so I've had to do some brightening just to get the colors back to normal. I think I need to do some adjusting with it.

    1. [Wow, I left a confusing comment. The first guy(s) I was talking about, was the one on the left.] My scanner output usually has to be adjusted too, though some adjustments can be done if you manually set the parameters for each scan (on my scanner anyway!)

  5. I imagine the left one arguing with himself all day long. Great creatures once again!